Saturday, January 21, 2012

Insta..Friday? on a Saturday?

Lots of weeks of pictures.

PhotoADay Challenge on Instagram :: something you adore (craft room with friends on) :: letterbox (Mitch's mailbox at his house) :: something you wore (new Vera bag, Thanks for the suggestion Nat) :: favorite (curls) :: your sky (Omaha sky) :: daily routine (nightly bath as often as possible) :: childhood (milkshakes after the dentist) :: in your bag (running shoes, laptop, lip gloss, earphones, wallet, sunglasses) :: close up (running shoes) :: something you are reading (guilty pleasure, Nicholas Sparks) :: morning (early flight home from Phoenix) :: water (daily intake) ::

Target loveliness :: chevron stripes done! :: night out with the bestie :: dinner with the parents :: shelves my talented mom made :: typical new years resolution :: Keaton's face was priceless seeing his room :: bestie ran her first half marathon :: IKEA!! :: and In-n-Out 

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