Monday, March 19, 2012

could it be love?

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to work out at least three times a week.

I always make resolutions and never stick to them. Just like I always give up something for lent, and in all my years of existence, I have never succeeded in completing the 40 days.

This year, since I documented them and shared them here, I feel like I am being held more accountable for them. Every time I see my brother he asks how the gym is. It is nice to have them out there so you feel like you really need to stick to them or you are letting more than yourself down.

So this year, workout 3x a week. It was a simple resolution that was turned into somewhat of an addiction. I wouldn't say I am totally dependent yet.

Since we are now 11 weeks in to the year, I have decided to document my progress.

11 weeks in and I have only failed one week so far. I have been pretty impressed with myself. Most weeks, I am making it 5x a week, other weeks, that is just not possible.

I have found myself enjoying the gym. I enjoy seeing the same faces depending on the time of day I go. I enjoy the adrenaline and energy I have after a good workout. I love the feeling of pride I have in myself after a good run. (I have not enjoyed the excess amount of laundry I now have)

I have always been active and in relatively good shape. In high school, I could eat whatever I wanted and never thought about it. In college, I found myself in jobs where I walked a lot, so I never stressed about hitting the gym. I gained weight in college but never to the point where I felt out of control of my body.

The day I graduated college though, I swear a switch flipped. Like my body accepted I was an adult and was going to make me pay for it. I started work, and more days than not I sat at a desk doing computer work. Being sedentary all day will kick your booty.

So fast forward to New Years. Resolution made and goal weight set.

My realistic goal is 12 pounds. My overzealous goal is 22lbs. For my body type and the way I want my body toned, 12 is logical (since muscle weighs more than fat :-) ).

Eleven weeks in, I am down 4.5. But I am more proud of the time, determination and love for running that I have gained from this.

I really hated running before. Running and I never have gotten along. In high school, I could play sports all day but throw me out to run 2 miles and I would keel over and die. Now I am running 32 minutes continuously. That isn't much. Marathon runners would laugh at that. But for me, 32 minutes, which translates to 3.5 miles, is a huge accomplishment. Something I am proud of. Now I will strive to never have to start back at the starting line. To never go back to the beginning.

It seems like when your body is telling you you can't, your mind is yelling you can't, and the world doesn't care if you can, you strive to make it happen. You strive to prove to all, that you are stronger and have more perseverance then ever before.