Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goals for 2012

Last year at this time I would have never thought of setting the goals that I secretly had. Goals that had manifested in me for years and took strength to accomplish. After accomplishing them and the joy that came from that, I knew this year I need to make some, stick to them, and be determined to follow through with them.

These are much more subtle, simple life style changes that are so simple they are difficult. Putting them out here makes them public, forcing me to stick to them.

1. Fitness :: Working out and I have a major love/hate relationship. I love the feeling I have after a great workout. The getting up in the morning or making a stop after work is what is difficult. This year I am going to stick to it. Hitting the gym 3x a week at least. Working on the C25K program right now. Starting now and getting in good shape I hope to run 500+ miles this year. That is an average of 10 miles a week. And that means I can get new running shoes next Christmas!!

2.  Read 12 books. I thoroughly enjoy to read. Dorky, yes. Relaxing, definitely. I get way too attached to the characters and become sad when it is over. 12 books..one a month. Easy.

3. Patience :: something I definitely need more of. Enough said.

4. Going to try and kick the Dr. Pepper habit. It may take time.

5. Hardest one :: pay off 75% of my student loans. That means lots of saving and less frivolous spending. It will be hard and take determination but you have to start somewhere.

So there they are. Five of the about fifty that are in my head. They will happen.

2012 just seems to be a promising year.


  1. Britt & I just made a joint New Year's resolution similar to #1 - we already work out a lot, but we gave ourselves weight loss goals over the next 6 months! We'll be there with ya :)

  2. Megan! I love that you started a blog! I really want to too - I feel like Xanga as corny as it sounds, was a really cool way to see what our lives were like and what we were really thinking back (2003-2006 era) Pretty formable years.... That's how I feel about our time now. You starting one is really giving me the motivation to start one as well - maybe we can be blogger friends? Dorkkkyyy but lovin it!