Tuesday, November 22, 2011

what 70 years looks like.

70 years with the same person is a huge accomplishment. It takes love and patience and kindness. It takes understanding and accommodating. It takes strength and courage and carrying on when sometimes it doesn't seem possible.

I had the privilege of seeing this love in full force a couple weeks ago. My mom and I surprised my Granny, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa in California. It was a fast few days filled with love, laughter, and LOTS of food. (Seriously, lots of food. I felt like we were eating every hour on the hour.) 

They were so surprised I felt like we had accomplished a great mission. We ventured to the apple orchid, flea market, multiple restaurants, and many hours of Farkle. It was a wonderful culmination of four generations that produced memories I will cherish forever.


For spending 70 years together and living 90 glorious years these two are still smarter then a whip. Seriously. In Farkle you add all your points to 10,000. Lets just say that my brain was glad my Grandma was keeping score, and kept and recorded score in record time. All while we overheard conversations from my Grandpa about nuclear war, politics and religion. Things that smart, intelligent, well respected men speak of.

All in all, it was a trip that will forever be remembered. We don't make it out to California much, so it was a long overdue trip that did not disappoint. 

It was a true testament to what love and family will do to two people. 70 years later and still going strong.