Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pinterest Tips

While Pinterest is any easy place to store genius ideas, gorgeous homes, and delicious recipes.-how many of those are actually tested and tried. Below are a few I have tried out and my honest opinions on them.

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CocoPPA App-I enjoyed playing around with it and seeing what was available but I don't feel "safe" keeping it on my iphone. In order to start an app it goes through a "process" that kind of looks like it is connecting to the internet, which then takes longer to open the app. I ended up deleting all that I added. Not worth the time. 
Grade :: C

Leather Jacket, White Tee, Flared Jeans, Cute Shoes - LOVED this outfit. Comfy, casual, cute. So simple to throw together and can be paired with fun accessories and a cute purse. 
Grade :: A+

Teeth Whitening System-It works well! I recommend making your paste solution to use for a couple times, otherwise, it gets somewhat time consuming. I would compare the results to Crest White Strips.
Grade :: A-

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 Taco Seasoning-Once I found out what really is in packaged taco seasoning I started to rethink if taco seasoning was needed. Once I ran across this recipe I knew that not only was it needed, but it is super easy to make since having all ingredients on hand. Definitely make the recipe in bulk and I always use more than what is called for. Store extras in freezer and have available any time.
Grade :: A 

Make Up Brush Cleaning- LOVED it. I ended up loving the feel of my brushes better after washing it like this then right after I first bought them. Be prepared tho, some brushes took about 24 hours to dry.
Grade :: A+

Leg Workout- I did this round of workouts the other night and not only were my legs burning but I was sweating more than I had previously running 4 miles. Great exercise that leaves you feeling great but not to the point you can't walk the next day.
Grade :: A

Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Letters

It is finally the weekend. Sometimes I am thankful for slow weeks at work. Reenergize, refresh, cross some personal things off the list. Weeks when you are looking so forward to the weekend does not make it acceptable to have a slow week. Cheers to Friday!

Dear Kansas City-You & I are going to reunite in about 4 hours. To say I am excited is an understatement. I thrive on familiarity and you are just what I need. Familiar streets, favorite restaurants, suburban running trails. If you could shape up the weather, it would be the perfect weekend.

Dear Family & Friends- Oh I cannot wait to see every single one of you. Hug, laugh, catch up, drink wine, enjoy time together, see growing baby bumps. I miss all of you a lot. When I am super busy, I don't realize how much I need all of you. Well now I do and it is too much for words!

Dear Gap- Why do you have to make the best jeans ever. I boycotted you most of my life. You were a little too much for this babysitters salary. Now, your outlet is 10 minutes from me. You fit me like a glove. Which leads me too...

Dear White Jeans- We are experiencing a love/hate relationship. Love because you are beautiful and springy and a perfect addition to outfits. Hate because you stress me out. Slip on some white jeans and you are a magnet for dirt, coffee, dirty hands. Too much. Update: I have never broken a bottle of nail polish in my life--so naturally, when do I break my first. When I am wearing white pants!

Dear Gym- We are in a very committed relationship right now. We see each other 5-6 days a week. Thats more than I can say for any other relationship of mine. Can we work on where the weight is being lost tho? I have areas where I would love to work on, just leave my gluteus maximus alone. I am quite fond of that area and you just keep making it smaller. Lets work on, say, the thighs or tummy. Anywhere but the butt. Jeans fit better with a butt.

Dear Weekend- You are shaping up to be the best one yet! Baby showers, Royals Opening Day, dinners out, seeing old friends, the ACM's. So much wonderful in one weekend!

Happy Friday!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Things I'm Loving

After searching high and low for the perfect leather jacket, this wins, in black tho.

Loving nude nail polish for spring. 

Best running shoes I have owned. 

Colbie Caillat Pandora. On repeat. In the morning. At night. All the time. Do it, you won't regret it. 

Spring flowers are needed for this long winter.

Splurge of the year.

Cannot wait for Opening Day. 

With a little bit of chilly weather left, pairing layers and unexpected items.