Tuesday, September 27, 2011

cute for a little while

Last night, I spent hours holding a sweet, sweet sleeping baby while laughing uncontrollably with his momma, his momma’s momma, and my momma. It was one of those nights that you remember the importance of a lot of things in life.

These past two weeks have been spent catching up with some very important people. It has been so great to see everyone that means the most to me. I have gotten to see one of my best friends baby for the first time, two wonderful people get married, catch up with dear friends, and work a few more Royals games.

When you are away for a while, you can convince yourself you are not missing that much. I was the master of that this summer. I would do my best not to think about the things I was missing at home. Kidding like that to yourself only lasts so long.

Once you come to the realization of it and venture home for a little, peace and joy come over your heart realizing all of the love that surrounds you at home. Those are good, good moments.