Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hollywood with a Touch of Twang..

A mix between busy, not busy, and the inability to explain the past few months is the reason for the long hiatus. Life has been incredible and full of changes in the past month. Just a quick recap before I post about all of these events, my life has consisted of finishing my internship, getting HIRED!, visiting home for a short time, and buying a house!
I have become so exhausted by all the happenings that when there is two seconds to even think about a post, I become too tired to write.
But here I am! Back and ready to fill you in on the past few months.
Starting with the CMT Music Awards. Now, those two weeks are kind of a blur. My hours were 9-6 in which I spent running around like a chicken with my head cut off. The closer the awards show became, the longer my hours became. Some nights it would not be surprising to be there till midnight. Was I asked to be there till midnight, no. Did I do it because I felt it was necessary to show my level of commitment to my internship, yes.

While all of the days weren’t rainbows and roses, it didn’t matter after you stepped back and looked at the situation I was in. My favorite part of the entire awards show process was dress rehearsals. This was when I could meet the artists and watch them perform from 5 feet away. I had a job that allowed me to roam, I found myself roaming often into the arena, watching rehearsals.
It was surreal to be there. After years of knowing every song and attending every concert possible, I had the opportunity to stand feet from the people I had sang my lungs out to in the car with the windows down.
My job during the actual show was to grab the talent from their seats and take them backstage to their dressing rooms. It was a rough job, let me tell you. Grabbing Luke Bryan and taking him to his dressing room..I almost protested and told them my job was too hard. It was fun to meet everyone and get to talk to them without standing in a meet-n-greet line.

(Ya..just chattin it up with Joe Don)

The most stand-back-in-awe moment I had was during the music awards. I had just taken one of the artists back stage and had a few minutes to stand around and watch Keith Urban perform. I remember standing there, arms crossed, looking around, huge cheesy grin on my face, realizing that I had made it. I had done what was needed to atleast get my foot in door. All of the years of busting it. All of the hours upon hours of work had paid off. They had all led me to that moment and I was so grateful.  It is unreal to stand back and realize you have so far still to go but your wildest dreams are possible of coming true.

P.S. Holly…Jake Owen is as good looking in person! ;-)