Monday, December 5, 2011

InstaFriday (a day late)

While I am running a few days behind, Fridays around here will be Instafriday! 

Instagram has become a new addiction. It has the ability to make simple, everyday pictures turn beautiful. Love it.

So here is the past couple weeks crammed into one post.

Massages and facials with mom! Groupon!

 Busy life is much more fun carrying this beauty.

Lovely view from the office. Besides Nashville getting dark at 4:15 in the afternoon, leaving the office staring at the Rymann isn't too shabby!

 I swear, the Etsy shop will be up and running soon. Many hours of work put into it.

When signing up for Pinterest, they should warn you of the addiction. It only gets worse when I put it on my iPhone also.

My neighbors are quite festive. I appreciate their Holiday goodness when finding my house in the dark.

Yes, this is what happens a half hour before quittin' time at work.

Wonderful tastings with Miss Sara Fried before Thanksgiving. A big thank you to Chef's tasty!

 Ahhh. Many, many labor of love hours spent on this beauty. Now just waiting for Baby Stuhr to make her big debut.

Home sweet home for Thanksgiving. The early morning flights come with gorgeous sunrises.

The wonderful wedding of two amazing people. So perfect for the two of them.

Going to start collecting clear ornaments after the holidays. Inspirational DIY.

And the sad departure of this lovely red door. I will miss that cute Nashville apartment.

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