Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pinterest Tips

While Pinterest is any easy place to store genius ideas, gorgeous homes, and delicious recipes.-how many of those are actually tested and tried. Below are a few I have tried out and my honest opinions on them.

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CocoPPA App-I enjoyed playing around with it and seeing what was available but I don't feel "safe" keeping it on my iphone. In order to start an app it goes through a "process" that kind of looks like it is connecting to the internet, which then takes longer to open the app. I ended up deleting all that I added. Not worth the time. 
Grade :: C

Leather Jacket, White Tee, Flared Jeans, Cute Shoes - LOVED this outfit. Comfy, casual, cute. So simple to throw together and can be paired with fun accessories and a cute purse. 
Grade :: A+

Teeth Whitening System-It works well! I recommend making your paste solution to use for a couple times, otherwise, it gets somewhat time consuming. I would compare the results to Crest White Strips.
Grade :: A-

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 Taco Seasoning-Once I found out what really is in packaged taco seasoning I started to rethink if taco seasoning was needed. Once I ran across this recipe I knew that not only was it needed, but it is super easy to make since having all ingredients on hand. Definitely make the recipe in bulk and I always use more than what is called for. Store extras in freezer and have available any time.
Grade :: A 

Make Up Brush Cleaning- LOVED it. I ended up loving the feel of my brushes better after washing it like this then right after I first bought them. Be prepared tho, some brushes took about 24 hours to dry.
Grade :: A+

Leg Workout- I did this round of workouts the other night and not only were my legs burning but I was sweating more than I had previously running 4 miles. Great exercise that leaves you feeling great but not to the point you can't walk the next day.
Grade :: A

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