Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Day..

Imagine the excitement of the first day of grades K-12 and college all added together. That is the kind of excitement and anticipation the first day at CMT contained. It is waking up and realizing this internship you have been talking about for two months is now becoming a reality.

The first day was eventful to say the least. Take you back a couple months, when I first got the call from my (now) boss. She was asking if  my first day could be any sooner then May 23rd. In my head I was thinking "heck no, I have to take finals and graduate from college before I can move there!" But of course, calmly I told her that "I could see what I could do." She told me not worry about it but once I got here I was going to be thrown into the fire and expect to survive.

At that time I was not quite sure what all this was going to entail. Yes, we had the music awards two weeks after I got there, but that was going to be fine. Boy, was I wrong.

First things first tho. Upon arriving we had orientation where we were told the rules of CMT, were shown videos to pump us up to be working for CMT, and were taken on a tour of the building. The building is like a rat maze. A maze of desks, studios, offices, green rooms, conference rooms, and editing bays. Still to this day, 5 weeks later, the office is still a little confusing.

After our tour, we were shown to our cubicle. From this point,  I was suppose to hit the ground running. The rest of the day was kind of a blur. Each supervisor was suppose to take their intern out to lunch but our department was so busy we did not have time for that.

Our job for the next two weeks was to focus on nothing but the CMT Music Awards, which I was okay with me. There were meetings, lunch runs, budgets, phone calls, planning, organizing, and much more to be done.

It was just unbelievable to see what goes into making that show a reality. It it amazing the amount of people it takes, the organization it takes, and the time it takes to make everything come together. The work one thinks it would take, multiply that by 10,000. It is beyond comprehension how much goes into it.

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