Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The beginning..

Finals, graduation party, graduation, then we left. We endured the 9 hour drive down here, conquering hours and hours of rain. After finally making it down here we had a time to relax. I wasn't set to start work for another day, so we just had time.

My mom made the drive with me, so it was nice to have some time with her before she had to go home. I got all settled in, unpacked, we did a little shopping, and we tried to find our way around.

Finding your way around a town you are totally unfamiliar with is more difficult then I thought. I had grown up in the same town for 18 years. I knew where I was going. I knew the back streets. The alternate routes. All of it. Now I know nothing and it is a little frustrating.

My sweet brother let me borrow is Garmin for the first couple months that I am here. It has been so helpful but I feel like it has been harmful. I just look at that thing the whole time and never really learn where I am going. I have a natural knack of knowing where I am going but it has not set in here yet. Frustrating.

Wednesday the 25th was set to be my first day of work. Also the day my mom was going to leave. A very bittersweet day. It is like starting the first day of school in a place you are totally unfamiliar with. Exciting and exhilarating but nerve racking at the same time.

While it has been hard being away from friends and family, it has been a wonderful experience. Meeting new people, trying new things. It is something I am definitely glad I have done. I miss my family and friends daily, but there is something very rewarding about conquering a new town and starting a new path for yourself. Something I am so glad to have said I have done and, for the most part, thrived at.

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